Headliners 2021

Julien Lachance Will participate in New 42 km Saint-Siméon Race details
  • ITRA : 735
  • Sex : Man
  • Country : Canada

Formerly an inactive, obese person, Julien is today an accomplished athlete who makes a point of promoting healthy lifestyles. He entered the running world in 2012. His goals are to always push back and test the limits of the human body, by always setting himself objectives that, although realistic, will get him outside of his comfort zone. Sports, for him, represent a lifestyle that gives him the opportunity to keep himself grounded, while escaping the day-to-day. He’s a versatile athlete, tying in track sessions and long trail runs within the same week.

As a running coach, his purpose is to help others who, like him, want to transcend their limits. 

Julien will thus participate in the two 42 km of UTHC in 2021: the 42 km Classic on Saturday and the 42 km of Saint-Siméon on Sunday. Watchout!

  • 2019 Transrockies Run – 6 Day Solo : 4th
  • 2019 Trail du Grand Duc 50 km : 1st
  • 2019 TNFEC Washington DC : 2nd
  • 2018 Ultra Trail Académie : 1st
  • 2016 Vermont 100 km : 1st
  • 2016 UTHC 80 km : 3rd
Elisabeth Cauchon Will participate in UTHC 42 Race details
  • ITRA : 680
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada

“I’ve always tried to push my limits. When I was young, that meant lots of time spent outdoors and hiking with my family. I started running with my brother when I was pretty young, at first trailing our father on our bikes as he trained for a marathon. But it was when I discovered trail running in 2014 that really tested the depth my abilities. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to push that limit by training with my brother, with the ultimate goal of running a 100-miler. I do whatever I can to share my passion for trail running with others!”

Elisabeth returns to competition in 2021 after a forced break with the arrival of her first baby in 2020. Welcome back Elisabeth!

  • 2019 Le Grand Raid De La Réunion – Trail De Bourbon 112 km : 2nd
  • 2019 Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada 65 km : 1st
  • 2018 Trans Martinique 60 km : 1st 
  • 2018 UTHC 125 km : 2nd
  • 2018 QMT 70 km : 3rd
  • 2017-2018 Trans Vallée X : 2nd
  • 2017 UTCH 65 km : 3rd
  • 2017 UTMA 42 km : 3rd 
  • 2016 UTHC 80 km : 1st
Svenja Espenhahn Will participate in UTHC 125 Race details
  • ITRA : 662
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada/Allemage

Svenja started running in April 2016 which was more of a coincidence than a conscious choice. The only choice she made was to spend Good Friday at England’s beautiful South Coast with a bunch of runners that she didn’t really know.

And it was a good Friday indeed; ~35 fun- and laughter-filled kilometres later, her body was (very) achy but her heart was happy! From there on, she was hooked and kind of jumped straight into endurance running.

She took part in her first 50 km race 7 months later, followed by mountain races on Gran Canaria and in the French Alps, and her first 50 miler in May 2017.

Svenja is constantly inspired by the people, the landscapes and the energy of endurance/ultra running. She enjoys being surrounded by like-minded people who inspire and challenge her to find her limits and push beyond them. 

Svenja comes back to UTHC after an injury she had during the course in 2018.

  • 2019 The North Face Endurance Challenge California – 82 km : 11th
  • 2019 Yakima Skyline Rim – 50 km : 2nd
  • 2018 Nesters Market Squamish – 77 km : 4th
  • 2017 Transgrancanaria 42 km : 17th
  • 2017 Centurion North Downs Way – 80 km : 2nd
Jenny Quilty Will participate in UTHC 125 Race details
  • ITRA : 662
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada
Jenny Quilty is an ultra-trail runner living in British Columbia. She is both a community leader and competitive trail racer. Jenny is recognized for her overall win and women’s course record at the Squamish 50/50 in 2019. Jenny is a race director and co-owns a coaching company, Pacific Pine Running Co. Alongside these positions she works as an Occupational therapist.
Jenny has always been a runner and completed road races as a recreational pursuit throughout her time in university. Upon finishing school, she decided to embark on an Ultra trail marathon. After her first 50km in 2016 she quickly entered a 50 miler and continued to learn and grow as an athlete from there. 
For Jenny racing is about finding out what she is capable of, physically and mentally. She believes her greatest strength in the sport is her positive attitude and ability to remain focused when challenges arise. Her training is inspired by many of the women in the sport and wanting to elevate women to finding that they are limitless and that they have an important place in this amazing sport. 
  • 2020 Run Ridge Run 25km : 1st Women, Women’s Course Record
  • 2019 Squamish 50/50, : 1st Overall, Women’s Course Record with podium’s in each singular event: 80 km : 2nd place woman, 50 km – 3rd place woman
  • 2019 Around the Lake Giv’r Take 30 km : 1st Overall
  • 2019 Wy’East Wonder 50 mile : 2nd Woman, 7th overall
  • 2019 Cap Crusher 12 km : 1st Woman, Women’s Course record, 2nd overall
  • 2018 TranSelkirks 5 day stage race, 100 miles : 2nd Woman
  • 2018 Run for Water 50 km Trail : 1st place female, Women’s Course Record, 2nd overall
Stéphanie Simpson Will participate in UTHC 125 Race details
  • ITRA : 550
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada

Stéphanie Simpson is a know ultra runner in Quebec, who recently earned the title of Canadian champion at the 2020 Big Dog’s Backyard World Championship (5th in the world). She also participated in the 2019 IAU 24 hours World Championships (Albi, France), among many other achievements.

Stéphanie began running in 2007 at a time when she learned her mother had terminal cancer, which ultimately took her life in 2008. Stéphanie did not stop running, and it quickly became a passion.

Today, at age 35, Stéphanie is the mother of Charles (6 years old) and stepmother of Luca (8 years) and Lola (11 years) in addition to her full-time job as a mortgage broker at Multi-Prêts.

We welcome this inspiring athlete among the 2021 Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada lineup!

  • 2020 Big’s Dog Backyard World Championships : Canadian Champion (5th in the world)
  • 2019 IAU 24 hours World Championships (Albi, France)
  • 2019 : 212 km on the P’tit Train du Nord to raise donations for the Quebec Lung Association
  • 2018 Javelina Jundred 100 miles : 7th
  • 2017 Mad City – 100 km : 4th
  • 2017 Beast of Burden 50 milers : 1st
  • Survivorfest 24/12/6 hours – 24 hrs : 1st
  • 2016 et 2017 : 2 x 12 hours on a treadmill (120 km et 116 km)
Joannie Desroches Will participate in UTHC 125 Race details
  • ITRA : 534
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada

Joannie is a passionate cyclist who, through her performances, is starting to show great potential in the world of ultratrail.

She got hooked on cycling during her first bikepacking trip to Vietnam, and has since accumulated thousands of kilometers during various personal challenges. These include several Ironman 70.3s, Montreal-Quebec by bike as well as Miami-Key West, climbing Whiteface, 150 km hikes for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, the Pentathlon des neiges, and more.

Welcome Joannie to the exciting world of trail running!

  • 2020 Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada 65 km : 5th
  • Montréal-New York in 2 days by bike
  • 2019 Canada Man/Canada Woman Xtreme Triathlon Lac Mégantic : 3e woman OA
  • 2018 Canada Man/Canada Woman Xtreme Triathlon Lac Mégantic : 3e woman OA
  • 2017 Canada Man/Canada Woman Xtreme Triathlon Lac Mégantic : 2e woman OA
Marie-Ève Pelland Will participate in UTHC 125 Race details
  • ITRA : 523
  • Sex : Woman
  • Country : Canada

Marie-Ève may not appear (yet!) in the female trail running elite in the conventional sense, but she stands out for her exceptional leadership in promoting this discipline in Quebec, in addition to brilliantly reconciling the many facets of her professional and personal life.

Mother of her 2-year-old Tom, the physiotherapist at PCN La Capitale, who lives in the Quebec City region, is the founder of the Club de trail Nord Boréal, which she has managed since 2017, in addition to being the co-founder of Tout.Trail. Created in 2018, this organization is an online running school, a virtual running club, a podcast, a coaching platform, and more.

As a running coach, she takes pride in making all dreams possible and is happy to democratize trail running to those who think it is “too difficult”. In short, a woman to know, who will inspire more than one to go for it and make her dreams come true.

Welcome to the 125 km of UTHC Marie-Ève!

  • Physiotherapist at PCN La Capitale
  • Founder of the Club de trail Nord Boréal
  • Co-founder of Tout.Trail
  • 3x finisher of UTHC 65 km
  • 1x finisher of UTHC 10 km at 30 weeks pregnant!