Harricana All Summer Long

An original and groundbreaking novelty

Faced with the uncertainty and possibility that the event may have to be postponed, our team has been working on a new activity that will be offered all summer long to feed into the motivation of continuing to support the Charlevoix region.

We know that now, more than ever, athletes want to take on challenges and find sources of motivation to run and train.

We are very excited to invite you to become members of the new “Harricana All Summer Long” trailrunning club and thus have access to a multitude of activities that will be organized throughout the entire summer depending on the evolution of the pandemic and as deconfinement becomes authorized.  

The “Harricana Lone Wolf” Challenge

One of the main activities proposed in this trailrunning club will be to complete the brand new “Loup solitaire Harricana Lone Wolf 28k and 10k” challenge. Runners can strive for their best possible time on the 28k and 10k courses, which will be marked during the entire summer season from June 27th to September 13th.

The rankings will be published on our web site and many prizes will be sorted amongst all participants. A grand finale will take place on the weekend of September 12-13 with the best men and women from the summer rankings. The grand prize winners will be rewarded on site, on September 13.

You’ll be able to measure up to other Ultra-Trail Harricana™ athletes in small groups (according to the maximum number authorized and while respecting social distancing measures) or whenever you like throughout the summer. 

Participants will be able to record their time using Strava, Suunto, Garmin, TrainningPeaks, or RunKeeper and an official ranking will be kept updated throughout the summer. For the most motivated amongst you, classifications will be compiled for those who complete the loop more than once to run 56 km or 84 km.

Find out more about the “Loup solitaire Harricana Lone Wolf 28k & 10k”

A calendar of events, promotions and benefits for “Harricana All Summer Long”

In addition, those who choose to become members of the “Harricana All Summer Long” trailrunning club will have access to guided training, and even little friendly competitions on some parts of the 125k and 80k courses depending on the authorizations that we will have been granted by the health authorities in the coming months. A calendar of activities, promotions and benefits will be built all through the summer for the members of the “Harricana All Summer Long”trailrunning club by Ultra-Trail Harricana™. 

Why a “Harricana All Summer Long” program? Because the Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada isn’t just a once-a-year event, but rather a community of runners driven by a common passion for trail running and brought together by a strong interest in the Charlevoix region. 

We’ll be expecting you throughout the summer season in the Charlevoix region!

Become a member of the Harricana All Summer Long” trailrunning club