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Ian MacNairn podium uthc 2014

Announcement of participation in 2015 Ultra Trail Harricana – Ian MacNairn

10 décembre 2014

My name is Ian MacNairn and I am excited to share that I will be returning to Charlevoix in September for the 2015 iteration of the Ultra Trail Harricana. I participated in the 65K UTHC event in 2014. It was my first visit to the Charlevoix region and I was overwhelmed by the quality of the UTHC course, the beauty and difficult of the Laurentian Mountains trails, and of the spirit and camaraderie present in the Harricana community. In my running, I am most inspired and impassioned by technical, demanding trails through and over mountains. Unsure of what I would find in Quebec I traveled to Charlevoix, in 2014, happy to meet new friends and run together in a landscape novel to me.

What I found was far beyond my expectations. The trails are technical, engaging and beautiful and offered a counterpart equal to my home trails in the Rockies. The community –Harricana’s wolf pack –is welcoming, warm, and so jazzed on trail-running! And, so, I am more than happy to be returning for another dose. The 2015, 4th edition will provide an even greater offering of mountainous trails as the full UTHC will be a 125K traverse across Mont Morios, Noyee Mountain, and Noire Mountain. To me, this approach is an intimate, honest and treasured connection with and teaching of the mountains of rural Quebec. Joignez-vous à la meute!

Ultra Trail Harricanna 2014

Ultra Trail Harricanna 2014

Ultra Trail Harricanna 2014

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