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A spectacular and amazing region

Attracted to gorgeous scenery of rolling terrain, fjords and wide bays—all within the Charlevoix crater, where a 15-billion tonne meteorite collided with the earth 360 million years ago—Scottish officers of the British Army built grand manors along the shore as early as 1760. Their settlement, now the seat of the judicial district in Charlevoix, was La Malbaie. Centuries before travel was commonplace, Charlevoix hosted international guests with ease. Word of mouth made Charlevoix a favourite with North America’s high society and wealthy Americans, including future president William Howard Taft, who built his “summer White House” on the outskirts. He described the effect of the fresh air as “intoxicated like champagne, but without the headache of the morning after.”

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What to do in Charlevoix?

Casino de Charlevoix

Take advantage of your time in La Malbaie to dive into the country atmosphere at the Casino de Charlevoix. Starting September 11, follow along as our cowboys and cowgirls swing their hips. They put on some hot shows. Just wait, shirts will be falling to the floor! The Casino brings you a menu to tame your appetite and country-style cocktails to quench your whisky thirst. It’s country until October 21. Play on the wild side!



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