Run like a wolf and free your wild


Friday, Saturday and Sunday – September 11-12-13 2020
Mont Grand-Fonds Ski Resort in La Malbaie, Quebec

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An authentic trail running experience in Canada’s wild backcountry. Trails dense with raw nature and wildlife. A rich ecosystem in a unique UNESCO world biosphere reserve. Summits where the wind carries the scents of the St. Lawrence River and the boreal forest.

What can you expect at Ultra-Trail® Harricana? To run like a wolf and free your wild!

Ultra-Trail World Tour Ultra-Trail World Tour


From the 1-km kids’ race to the 125-km course that attracts elite athletes from here and abroad, including the popular 28-km and legendary 65-km runs, the Ultra-Trail Harricana has the right challenge for you. At this race in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, you’ll find out just how far your legs (and heart) can take you. You’ll reach new summits while experiencing something completely unique.

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  • Start
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Cut-off time
  • Stations
  • Course
  • Qualifying races

UTHC 125

  • Presenter : The North Face
  • Start : Saturday 2:00 AM
  • Distance : 122km
  • Elevation : +4220m / -4580 m
  • Cut-off time : 25h
  • Stations : 10
  • Course : Linear
  • Qualifying races : UTMB, Western States 100, ITRA 5

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  • Presenter :  
  • Start : Saturday 7:00 AM
  • Distance : 80km
  • Elevation : +2200m / -2200m
  • Cut-off time : 16h
  • Stations : 7
  • Course : Linear
  • Qualifying races : UTMB, ITRA 4

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  • Presenter :  
  • Start : Saturday 7:00 AM
  • Distance : 62km
  • Elevation : +1870m / -1700m
  • Cut-off time : 12h15
  • Stations : 5
  • Course : Linear
  • Qualifying races : UTMB, ITRA 3

Race details

Trail 28km

  • Presenter : La Boutique du Lac
  • Start : Sunday 9:00 AM
  • Distance : 28km
  • Elevation : 1000m D+
  • Cut-off time : 5h30
  • Stations : 2
  • Course : Loop
  • Qualifying races : ITRA 1, QMT 50 Miles

Race details

Trail 10km

  • Presenter :  
  • Start : Dimanche 9:45 AM
  • Distance : 10km
  • Elevation : 290m D+
  • Cut-off time : 2h
  • Stations : 1
  • Course : Loop
  • Qualifying races : -

Race details

5km Trail Race

  • Presenter : Desjardins
  • Start : Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Distance : 5km
  • Elevation : -
  • Cut-off time : -
  • Stations : -
  • Course : -
  • Qualifying races : -

Race details

The Theme of 2019: Health

“Finding balance”

The image for 2019 on the theme of health was designed by Montreal artist Martin Lachapelle. The grainy blue texture, overlaid with a topographic map, evokes raw, unpredictable nature. Maps help us figure out where we are and which path to take, thus symbolizing coherence and reason. The runner, represented by a circle, leaves a zig-zagging path, over uneven, imperfect ground, heading in the direction of an infinite horizon.

Under the theme of health and the motto “Finding balance,” the Ultra-Trail Harricana will be raising awareness of the issue through communications on related topics that can help athletes practise their passion and prepare for their challenge in a healthy way.

The goal is to expand our reflection on this universal subject that bears importance for every individual and that is central to developing the potential of Quebec’s trail-running community.



The Ultra-Trail Harricana is an international-caliber trail-running event attended by the largest pool of elite runners in Quebec. Over the years, the trails have been run by athletes from nine Canadian provinces and more than 26 countries. The 125-km distance is the only race in Canada included in the prestigious Ultra-Trail World Tour.

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Where is the race?

Charlevoix is an authentic, nature-centered tourist region, set between the river and mountains, that is famous for its breathtaking views and unmatched gastronomic and artistic creativity.

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Professional photographers have been carefully selected. They are located at strategic spots along the race courses to capture your most memorable moments.

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